Specialised in publishing puzzle games since 1994


GOTO Games is a young spirited company with a wealth of experience. With around 20 employees, GOTO Games is specialised in publishing puzzle games for tablets, smartphones, Mac and PC.

The company starts its activities as a part of GOTO Software Group (founded in 1982) in 1994 with GOTO Bridge, a bridge software programme for PC.

Several CD-ROM bestsellers will mark GOTO Games history. A trend and a savoir-faire will emerge: bridge.

Funbridge is GOTO Games flagship product. This bridge game available on smartphones, tablets and computers gathers over 50,000 players from all over the world playing 1 million deals every day.

App Development

We develop our games on the most popular operating systems: iOS, OS X, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. Therefore they are designed for multiplatform use (smartphones, tablets and computers).

Web Development

We design our websites ourselves, from the showcase website presenting our games and explaining how to download them to websites with online shops allowing you to make purchases easily. We also develop and manage the whole back-end and back office activity it involves.

Interface Design

Our app and website interfaces are designed to meet the needs of their audience. Each of our creations is aimed at making things easy and intuitive for the user.


Play bridge wherever and whenever you like!

Available on smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac computers, Funbridge is the largest bridge club online.

This free app allows you to play bridge deals through numerous game modes anywhere, anytime.

Available in 13 languages, the Funbridge community has more than 400,000 members from all over the world.

1 million deals are played on Funbridge on a daily basis and more than 2,000 players are online at any time of the day or night.

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GOTO Bridge
From initiation to top-class competition

Available in French and English on Windows computers, GOTO Bridge has been the inevitable bridge software since 1994.

Content-rich and offering multiple game modes, the software suits beginners as well as advanced players and experts.

Since 1999 when Jérôme Rombaut (an international bridge champion of French nationality) joined our team, GOTO Bridge has been upgraded every year to offer new features rejuvenating the software.

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Funbridge Quiz
Think you know everything about bridge?

Available on iOS and Android, Funbridge Quiz is the ideal app to test your knowledge and assess your bridge level.

Funbridge Quiz offers sets of questions split into the most popular bridge themes.

The answers provided at the end of each quiz, progress statistics and glossary make Funbridge Quiz an excellent tool to progress.

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Discover GOTO Games highlights and key dates.

1st GOTO Bridge software

It all starts in 1994 with GOTO Bridge software for Windows PC. And it is a great success!


NetGammon, free software for PC allowing to play backgammon online, is released.

Jérôme Rombaut joins GOTO Games team

Jérôme Rombaut, an international bridge champion of French nationality, joins GOTO Games team and brings all his experience of the bridge world.

GOTO Bridge II

This new collaboration with Jérôme Rombaut quickly gives birth to the second version of the already inevitable software. From that moment, an upgraded version of the software full of new features will be released nearly every year.

GOTO Bridge 2003

Ramdam is released

Ramdam, a mix of Tetris and Scrabble, is the first app for iPhone and iPad created by GOTO Games. The aim is to make words before the grid is completely filled out.

Funbridge PC is released

The first version of Funbridge for PC is released.

GOTO Bridge 2004

GOTO Bridge 2005

GOTO Bridge 2006

GOTO Bridge 2007

Funbridge PC hits 5,000 paying subscribers

GOTO Bridge 2008

GOTO Bridge 2009

Funbridge PC hits 10,000 paying subscribers

GOTO Bridge 10

For the first time, GOTO Bridge becomes available in English.

GOTO Bridge XI


The Funbridge app for iOS and Android is released

The app is then 100% free and available in 3 languages (French, English and Dutch).


Some services offered by the Funbridge app become fee-based

Players can purchase subscriptions with unlimited deals or deals packs. GOTO Games achieves 65% growth compared to 2011.

Funbridge Quiz for iPhone and iPad is released

Argine, the game engine

Funbridge PC adopts a new game engine (artificial intelligence) called "Argine" and named after the club queen found on French cards. The objective of this new engine developed and tested by Jérôme Rombaut and his teams for two years is to mimic human behaviour as effectively as possible.


The CD-ROM is replaced with a USB stick. Installation is easier and quicker. GOTO Bridge is also available as a download version for the first time.

The Funbridge app adopts new graphic interface and logo

Funbridge Quiz becomes available on
Android smartphones and tablets

The Funbridge app, in turn, adopts
the game engine "Argine"

GOTO Bridge XV

Funbridge Quiz 2 for iOS and Android is released

Funbridge becomes available in 10 languages

French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Italian, German, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.


Funbridge becomes available in 13 languages

Portuguese as well as simplified and traditional Chinese are added to the list of languages. The app also adopts a new interface.

Funbridge and the French Bridge Federation become partners

The French Bridge Federation is the second largest bridge federation in the world after the USA.

Funbridge is the official partner of the 43rd World Bridge Championships held in Lyon, France.

Funbridge Live

Funbridge launches “Funbridge Live”, a new feature providing live coverage of official bridge matches via the app. Events covered include the 43rd World Bridge Championships held in Lyon, France.

Funbridge and the English Bridge Union become partners

Funbridge and the Turkish Bridge Federation become partners

Funbridge is translated into Turkish (14th language available)


This is the ideal workplace! GOTO Games is located on GOTO Campus, 15 minutes from downtown Lille, in the countryside and in a quiet environment.

Despite years of experience, GOTO Games has retained its start-up spirit, putting employees' welfare at the forefront. Everything is done to make sure that they enjoy working there: green spaces where it is not unusual to spot rabbits, private car park, company nursery, bowls pitch, tennis court, changing and shower rooms for avid runners, nap and game console zone, etc.

Tempted? Come see for yourself!

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GOTO Campus

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